Making the Complex:….. Simple

Pixabay: truthseeker08



Meditating/Mindfulness still carries this mystical connotation, somehow extremely complex, needing a monk like figure in a cave for decades to reach its destination.

This paradigm fits the journey of a Zen Buddhist monk searching for enlightenment or awakening.

For us meditation can start with one breath.

Master one breath, focus on the inhale, then move to a pause, followed by a slow exhale, then complete the breath cycle with a final pause.

Meditation is nothing more than assembling a few of these focused breaths together.

This process is extremely simple, our “Egos” resistance is extremely energetic.

If we can let all the judgments go, then work on a few breaths, the practice thrives.

For me meditating involves focus on the breath, combined with intense listening and visual observation.

I try to hear my inhales and exhales along with my heartbeat.

The quieter my body becomes, the more my system calms, the greater the benefits we enjoy.

In the visual arena with my eyes closed, I focus on what appears. For me I do not get a light show or colors, but I see a a sparsely lit pattern of dark.

If you use incense, smell can be a fourth sense to engulf our focus.

Our senses are ever present and have no connection to thought, we complicate life with our added judgments.

The “Ego” looks shallow and weak resisting focus on one breath.

Healing takes doing, action makes changes, small actions start the journey.




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