Navigating Traumas Impact: Being realistic about what our Happiness will look like


Serious childhood abuse, constant physical and emotional punishment destroyed any chance of having a life where you expect things to work out or be a happy go lucky person.

We do not understand how others can be happy go lucky, feeling safe in a crowd, expecting things will be ok.

Trusting people, feeling safe in a group is absent when you are betrayed by your parents!

I have healed and found some happiness but it is a different looking happiness than someone whose childhood was normal.

A child raise in a supportive and loving family atmosphere probably would not experience happiness with my life.

I need very little, have been a lone wolf since I was 5 to survive childhood first, then my own demons.

My chances at healing must of been slim, since my therapist recommended I write a book when I healed.

I do not expect to be like normal people now.

I suffered decades trying to be normal, to be liked, to trust.

The only place my life makes sense is in this present moment, focused, absent of judgment and worry.

My childhood, my past is a nightmare, luckily it is over and I survived.

Happiness is different for each one of us.

I had to fight like hell to unearth my piece of happiness.

Happiness is not unending pleasure or a euphoric journey each new day.

If your looking for euphoria, suffering will be your plight.



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