Is Happiness a Choice?



Surely, I am no expert however choices we make either give us an opportunity to be happy, sad, bored, or miserable in my opinion.

If I decide to entertain negative, unworthy thoughts happiness has no chance of entering my life.

If I decide to be angry, feel sorry for myself, or engage in risky behavior, happiness will never visit.

Happiness needs a healthy, balanced, worthy ego to blossom.

Happiness is a balance for me. Yes, stressors, worries and fears still exist out there, my reaction has changed.

At times I can let the noise go. Knowing this moment, mundane, uneventful, still contains everything in life, let’s me enjoy, “NOW”.

Learning to enjoy this present moment (NOW) entirely without thought or judgment, opens up a new world.

Happiness is not out there, it is inside us, our perception and behavior to stimulus decides our fate.

It is not intellectual, you live this experience, not read about it or take a class.

Words can not describe this experience.

Takes daily practice to reach a certain level of focus that opens this space.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Happiness needs a healthy, balanced, worthy ego to blossom, great line from a great post!

  2. I just realized how we think of happiness and not what it takes

  3. Yep it is interesting how just smiling at people, and getting their smile back at you can make me happy, seeing my dogs who I have left lying asleep up stairs on the bed, come to the top of the stairs look through the balustrade tails wagging to see me, and down the stairs they fly for hugs and kisses. (even though I have only been down stairs, for at the most 30 minutes. Happiness like anything worthwhile has to be an active thing.

  4. Thank you for sharing

    Very nice sentiment

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