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My purpose for starting this blog was to fill in the areas that were missing in my healing journey.


There were many things that I learned from research and daily action that therapists never mentioned.


Hell, no therapist challenged me or gave me homework. I brought the books and questions to them.


From my exhaustive research and actions to heal, important things were kept while things that did not work were jettisoned.


From all this, a healing model emerged with a breathing track as focus.


There were no phrases like post traumatic growth or books like “Buddhas Brain” detailing the new discoveries of neuroscience. Meditations impact on healing trauma, created two new therapies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy.


I had developed skills while surviving childhood abuse, determined willpower, ability to endure pain and isolation that other kids had little exposure to.


PTSD is confusing and healing feels like triggers erupting at times. A mentor can point the correct direction, triggers are opportunities to heal.


Never heard a therapist say that, but it is the easiest path to healing. Stay present, focused on the breath while your fight or flight erupts allows healing to begin.


I had found a way out of a deep, terrifying hole of complex PTSD. I suffered with my fight or flight exploding 15 times a day, hiding in my dark garage.


PTSD was horrible and death would have been the easy way out.


A big lesson, we never give in, never give up, we die in the end anyway. I had determined not to die a victim but a person trying to get better.


Results were out of my control, but my effort each day would be total.


That gave my life purpose when nothing else helped.


After healing, improving or whatever word you choose, I had enormous amounts of time available. My dissociating had curtailed, my Worry had faded and an almost euphoric feeling from not suffering, not being terrified brought a smile.


Well that has faded and life is still a challenged.


One of my most valuable possessions, supporting others, sharing their healing journey, is priceless to me, permanent.


This blog was built to support those trying to improve, taking daily action, then needing their questions answered.


What is your Purpose?



5 responses to this post.

  1. If your life has serious childhood abuse, when you hit bottom, a purpose may save your life.

    Mine was simple, I refuse to let my abuser win by quitting or giving up

  2. My purpose I see is to make mental health as easy to talk about and share as someone who is going through Cancer. When I was small no one talked about the ‘Big C’. Certainly not in front of children. It was all dark and sad talk.

    I want mental health illness to be seen by everyone in the mainstream including GPs, the Police, and bureaucracy of governments and other corporations as the same as having a chronic physical illness. That our illness causes behaviours that in when we are not unwell we would never do or very unlikely do for most of us. It is a symptom of my illness and how dealing with certain situations trigger responses. I love the breathing and awareness, and yes it works if you catch it.

  3. I have no guilt or shame or embarrassment about my complex ptsd, my mental disorder

    Overcoming my challenges has made me who I am

    Finally I do not care how someone judges me on my mental illness

    They can own their judgment I am content with me

  4. Oh thanks you for your sharing your opinion

    Many read few respond

  5. Wonderful Marty, you have worked hard. It is not as easy for so many others. I too am moving forward generally even if only mms as long as its forward.

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