What percentage of Americans have a daily meditation practice?




My guess would be very low, how about yours?

Neuroscience has documented the benefits that Zen Buddhists have been championing since the 13th century.

Financially, meditation is free.

Availability is anywhere, anytime. Hard to find a well being practice with easier access.

Meditation takes a different approach to well being (happiness), we strive to not think, to let go, and to explore our inner world.

Acceptance of everything about ourselves is practiced.

The next step is surrender, being curious and neutral exploring your demons and fears.

The time daily investment is minimal for large returns, 20 minutes a day changes things.

Why do so few meditate daily?

What is your reason?

Do you take any action to heal or improve?



4 responses to this post.

  1. I try to meditate everyday, but at the very least I need some moments of quiet and stillness.

  2. Good for you
    I wish more people would realize it’s power

  3. Posted by rudid96 on February 16, 2020 at 4:38 pm

    I don’t formally meditate. There, I’ve said it. Sometimes I think I’d like to but my actions speak otherwise. I listen to meditation Apps., read about it’s benefits and yet, when it comes to actually sitting for 20 minutes it doesn’t happen. The closest I get to meditation is while solo hiking or biking. “Why?” I’ve asked myself? Todays post left me with a vague awareness. I’m afraid. Afraid of the silence, the stillness. The constancy of my footsteps while hiking allows my mind to wander in safety. Doesn’t make sense.
    What could be safer than sitting in silence for 20 minutes? Tell that to my body.

  4. Awareness always begins the journey

    Realizing the reason and then adapting

    I watch the investigative discovery detective shows

    To find the killer if it’s not obvious you search for motive

    When I searched for motive I found my Ego had the most to lose

    The greatest yo gain also bringing up fake fear to keep you from healing

    Start with ten breaths

    That’s all

    Resistance should be minimal if not you have caught the culprit

    You are on this journey and have improved

    You have not given up and now uncovered the hidden road block

    This is the path awareness

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