Forgetting about time, being late, in a hurry: time is not our friend

Pixabay: nile



I try to enter as many tasks as possible each day.

First we must eliminate time during the event.

A simple example for me is doing Laundry.

To eliminate time from this mundane chore, I search for my purpose.

Washing, then drying, folding, then hanging the clothes allows my grandkids to look as good as possible. This purpose makes me feel good, rates high with my mindfulness practice.

Next my focus stays with each shirt, paying attention to neatly adjust it on a hangar, then I move on to the next shirt.

In the past, this chore took to long, my main purpose was to get done as soon as possible.

The perfect formula for unawareness, wasting life.

If you check, most of our existence deals with mundane things.

Look at all the time we spend in lines, in traffic, in boring scenarios.

Unless you are a surgeon dealing with life and death or have a dangerous occupation, monotony kills awareness.

Mindfulness gives equal attention to the urgent and mundane.

For some adrenaline junkies, taking huge risks is the only way to feel alive.

I have felt alive, present, content hanging up laundry.

No, I do not wish for more laundry but I have found a way to enjoy the task.

A surgeon does not enjoy the surgery but he/she relishes the focus needed to perform such a complex and important task.

A great concert pianist, an outstanding athlete, or a talented painter enter their tasks without thought or narrative.

They sort of become one with their skill.

Our challenge is to create this space with our mundane activities each day.

Can you make time disappear inside a daily chore?



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