Happiness and Time: a different look




Man created the clock, being late, showing up early, the past and the future. None of these times can help you experience happiness.

Happiness only exists in one time frame, now, the present moment, not in the past and surely not in the future.

Remembering a past event can bring a joyful moment, any more time and energy spent, robs us of this moment.

Predicting future happiness is a thought, nothing real and definitely not accurate. Even if this prediction comes true, that joy is fleeting.

What we can achieve can be lost, all impermanent possessions change meaning and worth with time.

That promotion may bring resentment and jealousy from your peers. Protecting your title may bring worry and stress.

If you accept that happiness (wellbeing) only inhabits this present moment, how will you adjust your behavior, your thoughts or actions?

All that seeking for external ways to find happiness seem misguided.

Happiness is not an emotion, not something we can achieve or accomplish with actions, it is an internal way of being, of living in the moment.

If we hunt for happiness, it will always be a stranger .

If we can be happy without needing to change or achieve a thing, will you stop seeking happiness out there.

If you are searching, try exploring your inner world, it is the core of happiness.



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  1. Posted by Linda Torrel on February 12, 2020 at 7:17 am

    Spot on!

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