Pessimism and Optimism are thoughts not reality




Excerpt from “The Way Within”

“Both pessimism and optimism are illusory states that are pursued by the unaware. In both cases, we corrupt reality by either embellishing it with undue light or tainting events with unnecessary darkness.”




My two cents: Much better to be an optimist instead of a pessimist but that is only halfway up the well being mountain.

Reality is happening now while we juggle the past then try to influence the future with thoughts and emotions.

More thinking may not be the answer to well being.



6 responses to this post.

  1. Very interesting perspective. Personally, thinking rarely leads to more well being for me.

  2. Sgreed

  3. Thinking about and planning never seems to work as we think it will. Great post, thanks.

  4. Thank you

  5. Wonderful post about optimism, and I also like the picture as it is very striking.

  6. Thank you

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