I, me, mine: Can you refrain from using them this week?




We create an identity, a collection of how others see us, treat us, combined with how we see ourselves, blended together into an “Ego” (I, me, mine).

The problem with this created “Ego” is he/she never feels equal to another “Ego”.

Example: Two millionaires or billionaires Trump and Bloomberg trade adolescent barbs. One insults the other calling him short, while the other responds with your hair is ridiculous and your fat.

Men of great power and status succumb to the their “Egos” desire to rule others.

Our “Ego” has the disposition of an adolescent when challenged by another “Ego”.

We struggle while placating our own “Egos” childish desires.

Most “Egos” are similar to a peacock, wanting to display those beautiful feathers in public at every opportunity.

In a Mindfulness/Meditation practice, we try to calm our “Ego” back into the minor role it was created for, identity.

Our “Ego” is the culprit when we feel disrespected, angry, resentful, jealous, superior or unworthy.

These are sentiments that lead to suffering.

Does your “Ego” enhance life or bring unworthiness and drama?

Can you resist using I, me , mine today or a week?

See how often you use I, me, mine in a day.



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  1. These are awesome. I shared them on my Twitter.

  2. Great


  3. I always welcome participation a dialogue instead of a monologue

  4. Posted by Anonymous on February 7, 2020 at 2:29 am


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