Trauma, PTSD traveled everywhere with me



It took an agonizing long time for me to heal. I did not have clear direction or the right tools.

As most sufferers, I tried to avoid being triggered at all costs. That strategy ended with me agoraphobic, locked in my garage for six months.

To my amazement, my triggers still fired inside my dark garage. Trauma had followed me.

I could not run from my mind, there was nowhere to hide.

PTSD was an invisible prison, no one else could see the bars, but my life narrowed.

Healing has nothing to do with avoiding, hiding or dissociating.

My salvation came when I realized the power of focusing on my breath.

My breath was always present with my mind.

To my amazement, my breath controlled my nervous system.

Without therapy I could calm my fight or flight mechanism, dissipate cortisol and adrenaline.

Going from terrified, anxious and panicked to calm and secure was a miracle, I thought.

It is free and always available, like your trauma symptoms.




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