How do we deal with Change



Nothing we can achieve stays the same. The perceived importance of my baseball career is a distant memory of little importance.

When I was young, I saw myself as a pro athlete, my “Egos” assumed identity. Seems such a narrow and rigid description of me now.

That must be wrong, my broken body filled with chronic pain has little athletic talent left.

Who am I, then.

I sure am not the “Ego” I created.

Where do we find purpose after our original creation of “Ego” no longer fits.

If I perceive myself as this or that, does my behavior have to mirror that creation?

Am I a failure if my creation fails to live up to the hype.

Seems I have created a prison of thought for myself.

No worries, we can drop the pretense of importance and just be present.

I am happiest when thought is let go and my senses dominate my consciousness.



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