How do we deal with our own deficiencies



For me, I take things too personally. Letting the other person own their behavior is difficult.

Recently a friend betrayed me, the details are not important.

Somehow my hurt, my “Egos” hurt, dominated my thoughts for a couple of weeks.

Dissociation ruled my mind, my “Ego” wandered into obsessing over why me.

I had created this big hurt inside me, letting an external situation overtake my wellbeing.

Losing center because of another, brought disappointment that I let this happen.

It is a difficult but simple fix, let go and come back to now.

Now judgments have been released, my course direction adjusted, so life goes on.

Hopefully I learn from my mistakes.

My mistakes happen when my “Ego” gets emotional influence.

When I am centered and focused, life is much more free, enjoyable.

For someone with serious abuse in childhood, having the ability to let go, to reach a no thought space grants me a chance at a joyful existence.

Happiness is an internal way of being, living, not an accumulation of achievements, awards, status and possessions.

Hell, we would all want to be politicians if happiness was contained in wealth, status and power.



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