Misconceptions about thought




Let’s look at our thinking connected to our “Ego”. Thinking is a necessary function for us to survive. We need to assess danger in certain situations, in business settings our ability to think helps us navigate the environment.

It can sound like we are saying thinking is bad. In reality we have to meditate for a period of time to reach a no thought stage. Directed thinking is beneficial, meandering or ruminating attracts the negative, a mind field for humans.

Realize there is no way we stop thought, we strive to carve out ten to twenty minutes of a no thought stage with daily meditation in the beginning.

Thoughts are always enticing us to play, 60,000 a day, tempt us.

Negative thoughts are like Velcro, positive Teflon.

We stop to look at that wreck on the other side of the freeway, nightly news handles the horrific.

Nightly news is not about unknown people doing selfless acts of kindness. Who would watch that, ratings rise with the bloody details of crime and wrecks.

We try to carve out more and more time in a no thought stage.

When we meditate our mind and body repair themselves, neuroscience now tells us.

Just be aware of your thoughts, have the ability to focus, let go and then comeback to now.

Next we work on self image reciting and recording a short affirmation.




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