Let’s talk Thoughts! Thinking!




If we really are what we perceive, let’s take a look. First, in my opinion, thinking is a narrow thing the mind does. The mind has capabilities far beyond thought.

Thoughts: Neuroscience tells us on average, 60,000 cross our path daily. That is a river of thoughts, one every waking second.

I have a few thoughts to share on this subject.

What percentage of thoughts are about the past and future? We want to not dissociate, not to leave this present moment to wander into the past or future worry.

What percentage are negative or emotionally charged? Realize negative thought powers depression, anxiety, PTSD and other disorders.

What percentage are positive? We can replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. Change your thoughts at this core level and reap the benefits.

Answering these questions may bring some clarity to your thoughts patterns and eventual behavior.

We have a few options. Grasp whatever thought appears before us. That seems to let chance dictate our lives.

If we have a mental disorder, say PTSD, we are dominated by trigger thoughts and emotions. Give in to ruminating and you will suffer.

The next option is to grasp only the positive thoughts. This is a much better path for our wellbeing.

Another choice is to let thought fade, then remain in the present moment, focused.

Small actions can make big changes.



7 responses to this post.

  1. This is a fascinating subject, Marty. I know that I can be a little too meta sometimes 😉 and thinking has, for me, been a powerful tool in my healing. I am actually writing more about it right now 😀

  2. Please expound

    I am talking about thought that is not directed by us

    We can research and read and gain knowledge and wisdom

    But when it comes to letting the mind ruminate it attracts the negative

    When do we have time to let the mind rest

    Or be present to be happy

    Do you think you are happy when you are thinking

  3. I’ve learned that if I ain’t happy when I am thinking then I have to fix something. I can’t avoid to think, there’s always something going on up there. But if that is something destructive I need to go straight to the core and turn those thoughts into something beautiful, turn them into happiness. Maybe that’s why I’m an artist 😀

  4. Just posted what I was writing about it 😀

  5. I agree with you

    The next step is to think less be present more

    Happiness needs some present space not filled with clutter

    A concert pianist a famed artist a musician or great athlete

    They are not thinking when performing

  6. As a musician, I do think when I play. But it is true that I am aware of what is happening, I’m present (I play improv music) because I am having a dialog with other musicians. When I perform my thinking becomes as abstract as when I meditate. The whole me works in harmony 🙂

  7. Yes. We enter into the task from repetitions

    Hitting a baseball at the professional level

    Thinking takes five seconds

    A 95 mph fastball gives you .03 seconds

    Strike one two three

    You lose if you’re trying to think

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