Healing is a choice, take daily action or surrender.




Healing is a choice, take daily action or surrender.

Does that seem like a harsh, uncaring statement?

The real tragedy is not taking action, suffering until we die!

I have come across many people suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression or another mental disorder.

Sadly, only a few realize healing or wellbeing is a choice.

Even fewer accept this challenge and take daily action.

Human nature would rather endure a familiar suffering than risk change, even when change may hold a better life.

I have grappled with trying to inspire them, trying to get them to see their behavior powers their suffering.

My words are the same, why do some take action and improve, while the vast majority continue to suffer without any effort to heal.

Our mind helps inspire our recovery or we suffer with our created storyline of justification.

If we are not tying to heal, we have avoided taking responsibility for our journey.

Healing does not happen from a pill or from some external force.

Healing happens with daily action, persistent effort and lots of courage.

This is the path less traveled.



2 responses to this post.

  1. I would also say that many mistake changing surroundings with changing the inner. No matter how many times one changes surroundings and people around, it isn’t until the change comes from the inside that the healing begins. In fact, changing surroundings is sometimes a way to hide the real issues in hope for the healing happening from the outside

  2. I agree

    It is an internal change that makes a difference

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