Taking any action moves us out of the victimhood house.




If you suffer from a mental disorder, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, etc., action is mandated.

How would you describe your situation, if you are not taking any daily action to heal?

That would signal defeat for me, I had quit. I had given up!

Wow, no way I am joining that team.

I rather be dead than live a victims life.

I believe in “Never give in, Never give up” a 1000%.

It is a choice.

If you are not trying, do you expect healing to happen on its own?

Do you think a therapist is going to heal you?

Do you avoid holding yourself responsible.

Victims take no responsibility or daily action to heal.

Healing is a choice to take daily action or surrender.



4 responses to this post.

  1. It can be a difficult choice of you beaten down and weak – but it is still a choice.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. As your blog says don’t lose hope

    We need not succeed but we need to give all our effort and keep a good attitude, not all the time

    But we work to limit how long our crisis time lasts

    I hit bottom, agoraphobic, stuck in my garage shaking from ten plus triggers firing without external stimulation. Nothing I did made it better

    We all come to that place and our choice decides our happiness or suffering

  3. Once we have made that decision, life changes forever!

  4. Those who have walked this path know that
    MIT is not an intellectual thing

    Words can not describe experience


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