Be Yourself: The Inner Way; part two

Pixabay: qimono



Excerpt from the The Way Within:

This way is not a means to an end, yet it is an end to all seeking. It’s about knowing yourself not just through awareness but as awareness.

It’s the call to being. It’s making a stand as awareness and living authentically.

Awakening to your true nature is not an end to your spiritual work partly because awakening operates at the level of ‘knowing’.

Knowing is not the end because before we come to knowing, a life time of other beliefs has been recorded at a deep, some might say cellular level and it takes time before you are free of your legacy beliefs and all the associated fear and pain.

You must work through your beliefs, but this is easier work when done in the light of awareness.

The inner way brings you to openness and acceptance of what ‘is’ but it is not be confused with weakness.

It takes strength to stay present and then act as the moment requires not as your thoughts and feelings dictate.



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