Be Yourself: The Inner Way; part 1, ☝️



Excerpt from the The Way Within:

The second way is about the now and living in that moment. This way is invigorating and satisfying, and it is the source of all bliss and lasting happiness.

The inner way assumes abundance, it never clings because it is forever giving. The truth that we are pointing towards is the always so, it’s the abundance that is to be found at our center.

To know yourself as this spacious capacity is to have room for everything, and to rely on yourself is to rely on the only power that is real.

You just need to see your truth and live it. The inner way is unifying. It is born of the enlightening realization that you are not what you thought you were.

Once you have grasped your true nature the notion of a separate self and the concept of ‘me’ falls away and with it the struggle, pain and fear that have shaped so much of your life are dropped to be replaced by peace, happiness and awareness.




4 responses to this post.

  1. Love this Marty!! 👏👏💕

  2. Thank you

  3. Agree. Great post. According to the ancient Greeks, the source of all wisdom and clarity is to ‘ know thyself’ . I recently wrote an article on my website on this subject titled ” Do You Know Who You Are” – – Feel Free to check it out!

  4. I conclude we have no idea who we are

    Thanks for the input

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