Healing and Happiness are an internal journey,




Healing and Happiness are an internal journey, an exploration of our inner world.

Thoughts, judgments and emotions are let go, as we feel all of our body sensations.

Somatic wisdom helps us integrate our trauma, if we have the courage to face it.

Thoughts are endless, so is the suffering that accompanies them

Directed thought is fine, negative thought, unworthy ideas, and self hate are not.

Find peace inside yourself and the world will be much easier to navigate.

It is simple: Never entertain a negative thought or idea, ever!

This simple, immediate, concrete and repetive action changes Our perspective.

Stop reading, talking, thinking, and debating, action is needed at some point.

Why not NOW!!!!!!!!!

If you really want to heal, you will take daily action.

This is a harsh reality that keeps over 90% of PTSD sufferers from healing.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Great Post Marty! Growth is a sacrifice and a daily discipline. (But definitely worth it :))

  2. Why does it seem the masses do not see it

  3. I have been a mentor and Counselor for many years and I cannot answer that question Marty. You are either hungry for transformation and freedom or comfortable in the suffering; there is no in between. And so I have learned to keep focused on healing myself and if anyone needs guidance to do the same I am here, and so are you! Keep doing your great work 👏🌈🙏🏻

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