Add Emotion and Visualize your Affirmation



“First, you need to do more than say the words.

Remember I mentioned that the subconscious learns the most from emotion?

That’s why you need to feel the words.

Imagine how you would feel if the affirmation were absolutely true in your present reality.

Allow yourself to physically feel this emotion.

When it comes to manifesting something into the physical world using affirmations, it helps to close your eyes and visualize with strong images.

In fact, any sensory input you can garner will help–smells, tastes, sounds and textures.

In doing so, you activate the parts of the brain that experience that reality.

The connections made in the brain when you have that experience become strengthened. .

Your brain is literally making it a habit to have that experience.

The deeper and longer you feel, the greater and faster your results.”



My two cents: In this moment, right now, I accept and approve of myself.


I surround myself with a soothing wall of kindness.


I celebrate my ability to live fully, taking risk, enjoying life.


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