Aloneness is not for those who want to be special.

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Excerpt from “There are No Others: Accepting the Reality of Aloneness”

Aloneness is not for those who want to be special.

An awakened human being is not a superhero.

Asleep human beings are the superheroes.

Asleep human beings start each day ready to engage in an exhausting battle that they will never win.

They fight for their survival, war with themselves and others, resist the suchness of the unexpected, and believe that their struggle is getting them somewhere.

They fight tooth and nail for some brief experience of fulfillment only to see their achievement taper off into chaos and misery again.

For this reason, an asleep human being deserves the highest respect, not the awakened one.

An awakened human being is a failure at life.

The only reason a human being awakens to their true nature is because they have tried with all of their might to succeed at happiness and have failed miserably.

The only thing they have achieved is ultimate failure.

Of course, this failure isn’t a bad thing, but it’s certainly not an achievement.

Your growth mainly happens from interacting with other human beings that are asleep.

Only by recognizing what you are not are you able to let go of what’s untrue in you.

Yes, an awakened person is a helpful reminder for you that freedom is possible, but that’s about it.

No human being can magically wash away your unconsciousness.

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