Resolutions, add persistence or change your resolution



Each successive day this year, I will spend more time in the moment. That means awareness and being present grows with attention everyday.

Persistence is the key to change!

Just a little more awareness each day, will be an enormous change at the end of the year.

Do something simple and small everyday this year.

Write it down, challenge yourself. Develop a purpose, passion will come with improvement.

Do the work everyday and results, our best results will happen.

Success is not our goal, enthusiastic action with a great attitude is what we strive for.

Many talk about changing, this is the simplest path to big change.

I will meditate a minimum of 15 minutes each day. Simple, repetitive, concrete and immediate action like this works best.

We travel with our awareness, enormous opportunity to expand awareness each day.

We are just making small gains each day, nothing overwhelming.

We can give effort and be happy on this journey.



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