Self Image has great impact, it is our internal battleground



You could say, I had little chance to create a positive image or self talk being abused by a critical narcissistic father.

In fact, I had no idea my judgments were not a life sentence.

On my healing/spiritual journey, daily meditation practice, exploring my inner world, changed life.

Self image is self made, who knew.

It was not easy to change trauma habits from childhood. They were entwined before my mind developed.

I had practiced unworthy thoughts for damn near 60 years, it felt like my actual core.

Amazing, how 60 years of negative habit, practiced daily, built on quick sand, disappears without attention.

Now, I do not say or entertain a negative thought about myself.

It is my new healthy HABIT!

Any self criticism is let go immediately, it receives no power, no time, no attention.

That internal battle is over, kindness and gratitude took over.

Half the battle toward wellbeing hinges on self image, self talk, and self compassion.

Where we place our attention impacts more of our life than any other action.

Self hate is a choice. We can change.



2 responses to this post.

  1. This is very true. What we think and believe, we become!

    Have a wonderful day my friend 😊

  2. Thank you

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