On my bad days, I worked harder.




On my journey, there were low times, times when all seemed lost, helplessness tried to rule my being.

We meditate, train and practice for these moments.

Anyone can handle the good times, these are the critical moments in our life.

Our reaction to hitting bottom, determines if we stay there or have the ability to take action.

For me it took courage, my inner guide intuitively shared the need to take action at all costs.

Taking action was second nature, my father demanded I be twice as good as everyone else. So from an early age, overtraining, overachieving was by far, the strongest, easiest part of my life.

Accepting all of me right now, having courage, not trying to overachieve and being vulnerable is where I struggled.

Assess your strengths, apply them on your journey.

When things get tough, increase your effort, fill that negative void with activity and courage.

What we perceive and how we act, determines who we are and how we live, not the external world.

We all have have strengths and weaknesses, flaws.

Our “Ego” is the one who craves perfection, being right, having control.

We have to give up control to heal, being vulnerable is our strength.

Another counterintuitive truth.

On a bad day, let go, dig deep, take action, exhaust yourself, then rest, smile.

It’s all we can do, give all out effort with a good attitude. 😎



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  1. Posted by Anonymous on December 29, 2019 at 10:15 pm

    Marty, your life’s story has many components similar to my childhood. Narcissistic parents, abuse. No matter what I did or tried to do, it was never good enough. I was ridiculed. My self esteem was nonexistent. I began to beat myself up because that’s what I knew. I didn’t feel worthy of anything else. I would put myself down before others could. I always compared myself to family and friends. I had strengths and talents but rarely had opportunity to share them. I never a a chance to shine or feel important. I avoided being home so I didn’t have to endure the emotional pain. I wanted to know what it was like to experience love, so as time passed I went looking for love in all the wrong places and did so by numbing myself w/ drugs and alcohol. Shame and embarrassment I’m unable to let go of today. I hid my immoral behavior well from others. I just wanted to be loved.
    I want to heal more than anything in this world. I want to like me. I’d like to greet my days with happiness and positive thoughts. But I’m confused as how I’m supposed to get there. If you can endure all that you have and survive, finding healing and happiness, I’d think anyone could. Here are some questions I believe your answers could help me to understand how I could maybe get there. How do we let go? What does that look like? I feel like I’ve tried but my childhood always comes back to haunt me and tears me down. Depression has always been my norm. I can’t even imagine what life would be like without being inflicted by the ugliness of depression. What do you mean by digging deep? How do we do that? What are we digging for? How do we give up control? What does that look like? What makes the good times the critical moments? I want to heal from my childhood, but I’m not sure I understand the steps to get there. I know I’m supposed to breathe in a certain way. How is that breathing different than the normal breathing we do with a beating heart?

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    Give yourself credit, you have not given up and are still searching.

    I needed tools or skills to help me let go and accept.

    I meditated everyday, and applied my practice.

    It is simple, not easy.

    I have designed a model to help focus and letting thoughts go.

    You are aware you have strengths, that’s excellent

    I can show you how but healing is internal and personal.

  3. You sound like you have the ability to take action and practice.

    I worried what healing would look like.

    It does not look or feel like anything we imagine.

    Build your focus on your breath, listen intently for the sound of your inhales and exhales.

    Refuse to entertain any negative thought. Refuse

  4. Posted by Anonymous on January 3, 2020 at 6:43 am

    Thank you Marty

  5. Posted by Anonymous on January 3, 2020 at 6:50 am

    I will put my best foot forward. I will take your suggestions, advice and work to apply them daily. I have faith! I can do this!

  6. Good for you

    I can answer any questions you will face in your journey

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