Christmas brings anxious feelings, memories

Pixabay: wixin_56k



Each year around this time on my blog and in my mindfulness group, some are conflicted.

Holidays bring memories of our family abuse. It is confusing, some decide to go

functions with their abusers present.

An uncle, brother, father or domineering mother could be our abuser.

Some families exert pressure on us to participate at Christmas dinner even though our abuser will be present.

Please, feel no obligation or guilt for their dysfunction.

In my family, looking perfect to the outside world is the holy grail.

For me, I am disowned now.

Yes, I had the audacity to ask them for help.

Denial and excommunication is what I received.

If we need these people we will suffer.

For me, I never needed them.

Holidays still have this eerie, haunting feeling for me.

Now it is much easy to let it all go, then direct my attention to gratitude and giving.



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  1. Thank you and same to you

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