The path of the heart: Excerpt from the book “The Unbelievable Happiness of What Is”

Pixabay: RedHeadsRule



“The path of the heart is to learn to listen, rather than talk; to allow, rather than dominate; and to really take in the many, many communications from all directions that are guiding your attention, helping show you the way to return home.

That guidance, that inherent wisdom, is always communicating, always and forever attempting to return you to wakefulness.

So even in those inevitable times when you’re quite out of balance, it’s helpful to allow yourself to feel the imbalance, the disconnectedness, the off-centeredness.

Gradually you’ll learn to allow your experience to be exactly as it is, rather than trying to avoid it, or fix it, or even understand it.

Allowing yourself to be out of balance is often how balance can return.

The great Zen master Dogen Zenji described human life as “one continuous mistake.” If it wasn’t, he asked, how would we find our way?

Most people think mistakes are to be avoided, but on the spiritual path, mistakes are welcomed.

So-called mistakes are opportunities, guideposts, lights illuminating our way.

So the path is to turn toward what’s difficult and allow it to guide you.

Gradually you learn to understand and accept that you’re always in the midst of ongoing transformation.

Even when you feel stuck, caught in the drama and struggle of the identified, suffering, separate self—even then transformation is actually in process.”



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