Change: Do you Resist Change?



Change is the one constant we can count on.

We resist change at every turn, like swimming upstream all of our life.

We resist the inevitable and suffer.

Common sense tells us we are totally different at age 5 than 15 and definitely different at 68.

Why do we fear change so much, resist at all costs.

We humans seem to covet control with a vengeance.

It is like we want to know the numbers to the lottery to keep the current status quo.

Whatever our status, we resist any change like change is harmful.

Change is ever present, happening as we try to slow its progress.

Look at the energy we expend to keep the status quo, even when our status sucks.

We choose to suffer a known existence rather than risk change.

Can you tolerate accepting change?

Can you be present, curious about whatever external stimuli is present.

Change happens in this moment, we miss it because we are ruminating in the past or predicting the future.

We miss change when we refuse to stay present.

Change happens naturally for a seasoned meditator.

Change is normal for those who have learned where happiness thrives.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Great Post and reminder to be open to change. I personally feel like when we see change coming we often cringe and resist. When we embrace it we grow and we fly. Peace and Blessings

  2. Thanks for your insight

    I agree almost like recoiling when someone is about to strike us

    When a car crash is imminent we tense up for protection

    Our neck shrinks an inch

    Meditation trains us slowly some even subconsciously to be present be curious
    And let go of that judgments

    Negative judgment have limited my life and brought unneeded suffering

  3. I’m autistic, so that would be a resounding ‘yes’ probably lol.

  4. You definitely have a sense of humor

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