Want to influence the mind to change?




The human mind is complex, inundated by an average of 60,000 thoughts each day, life is confusing.

Add to that mix a created identity (Ego). That “Ego” is like a peacock always wanting to show off that plumage.

Being special, wanting approval impacts the mind.

Something so complex is influenced in a simple way.

Abstract ideas may soar inside our heads, emotionally pleasing, but dedicated action never materializes.

I have found the mind changes when simple, concrete, immediate goals are combined with daily, repetitive practice.

Habits are formed through focused repetive actions.

My meditation practice started with a simple following the breath.

Over and over, until thought cleared, I entered a clarity beyond my “Egos” grasp.

I learned how we focus the mind determines all of life.

How could a poor man ever be happy without the minds help?

How many swings do you think a big league hitter has taken to be so skilled.

A great guitarist has spent a lifetime, repeating chords, over and over.

Elite practice leaves the mind and enters our bodies.

A great concert pianist is not thinking while performing.

A big league hitter has 357 milliseconds to react to a pitched baseball. Cognition takes up to five seconds.

If you are thinking you lose.




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