Is Denial your narrative?



Life is extremely unfair, birth is a blind lottery, some win and some lose.

Some have enormous resources and support, others are born into abuse and poverty.

I see people with enormous resources at their disposal, grasp denial as the narrative.

I see others with very little resources who persevere and accept their challenges.

Getting better, improving, maybe even healing, is earned through hard work and courage.

I am amazed at watching people fight to remain a victim, isolate and refuse to take responsibility.

Whether it is PTSD, alcoholism or depression, it takes courage and action to change.

I try not to judge people but I spend very little time with victims and addicts.

That negative, manipulative energy drains my positive energy.

I witness people fighting to suffer, to continue denying addiction issues.

Incredible to witness someone lose everything and still deny their is an issue.

The mind is our worst enemy or our guide to happiness.

Change seems impossible for many.



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