Being a mindfulness teacher

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Being a mindfulness teacher has brought many challenges, many unexpected.

After my first month, I settled in, changing focus from my presentation skills to the needs of the group.

My first observation was few applied themselves or started a mindfulness practice.

I saw first hand how hard change was, almost impossible for many.

Second, my words were the same, why did a few improve and others continued to suffer?

Small, concrete actions helped most. Abstract ideas in the future sounded important but garnered little action.

Little homework projects like spotting the “Ego” during the day or noticing the inner critic helped them.

Finite successes do wonders for the mind, confidence, taking more action.

Those who started a practice learned to let thought and emotion fade, while they explored the inner world, our body sensations.

The External world brings challenges, however it is our reaction that decides our fate.

We test our focus bringing up situations that piss us off, whether it be critical comments, obnoxious drivers or a colleague at work.

Those emotions are given attention for a couples of minutes to empower them.

Next we meditate, focus on the breath, then let thought and emotion fade. In time all could accomplish this task.

This is practice to face our big fears, traumas and anxieties later on.

Small Actions like this have made an impact.



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