So what does get in our way?

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From the book “The Unbelievable Happiness of What Is”

What prevents us from seeing what is as it is, right now?

What prevents us from being happy in this moment?

Among the biggest impediments on the spiritual path are our unexamined beliefs about life, about truth, and about ourselves.

To be truly available for transformation, we must release ourselves from those limiting beliefs.

We don’t necessarily have to get rid of our beliefs; beliefs have their functions.

Rather, we learn to let go of our beliefs, which is also to let go of our identity.

When I say identity, I mean it quite literally.

Without even realizing it, you draw much of your felt sense of personal identity—that is, who you think you are—primarily from strongly held and often unconscious beliefs.

These manifest, in part, as subtle patterns of tension and holding in your body and mind.

When those beliefs are challenged, whether directly by other people or simply by the reality of changing circumstances, it can feel deeply threatening, even terrifying.

In a very real sense, your beliefs define who and what you think you are, so a threat to your beliefs can feel like a threat to your very existence.



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