Personal Identity: who cares

Pixabay: DarkWorkX



Excerpt from the book “The Unbelievable Happiness of What Is”

“Without even realizing it, you draw much of your felt sense of personal identity—that is, who you think you are—primarily from strongly held and often unconscious beliefs.

In a very real sense, your beliefs define who and what you think you are, so a threat to your beliefs can feel like a threat to your very existence.“




My two cents: Emotions do not define us, we all have the same emotions, if anything they link is together with shared experience.

Our mindfulness practice aims to let identity lose importance.

Being present is far more important than something that is ephemeral, transparent and fleeting (An Emotion).”

I am so much more than an emotion, my brilliance shines in this present moment, beyond any judgment Marty holds.

Another practice is to let negative emotions flow on through, resentment, jealousy, anger, doubt, worry, feeling sorry for ourself, etc.



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