What to do when a crisis hits

Pixabay: Lumamannen



I have learned not to run, not to isolate, not to dissociate and not to panic.

The best action is to sit quietly in the middle of the mess.

Do not try to escape the uncomfortable, awkward or terrifying thoughts.

Let the narrative fade. Do not try to distract, judge, or change the narrative, just observe.

Observe and become familiar with all the body sensations.

It is difficult to observe, to do nothing, to not try to influence the narrative.

My nervous system was assaulted at such an early age and with such intensity, total incapacitation grips me.

It does not have to be anything dangerous or scary.

My triggers were so mundane, I knew there was no danger but my nervous system erupted violently.

The mind does not function the same when a perceived lethal threat is spotted.

Common sense and rational thinking stop in this state.

Cognitive function can not reach trauma except to make it worse with more thought.

The only solution is to sit in the middle of the mess until it fades, then we come back to the present moment, observing what the eyes see, the nose smells, the ears hear.

Simple, not easy.



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