Doing the daily work


This collection of William Shakespeare’s plays is widely considered one of the most significant treasures in literary history. Formally titled “Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories & Tragedies,” the folio contains all but four of the Bard’s dramatic works. Of the 750 copies originally published seven years after his death in 1623, only 228 remain. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, snatched one up at Christie’s, an auction house in New York City, in 2001. It cost him a cool $6.2 million.



Meditation/Mundfulness is not an intellectual property, take a class or read a book and you only gain a cognitive perspective.


I could read every book about hitting a baseball ever written, an expert of sorts. Does not mean I could ever hit a big league fastball.


Meditation/Mindfulness is an action practice, you have to sit quietly, focused, observing your demons.


Reading a book or taking a class will not touch that experience.


The more you sit, building your focus through daily practice, the more you benefit.




Better to take 30 minutes of daily action than read 1,000 books.


Takes action to change, to heal, to earn our fredom.


Takes courage to resist, to stand up, to finally take action.



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