We can be happy in the midst of turmoil

Pixabay: geralt / 20724 images



Meditation builds focus, it allows us to experience stressful situations fully, then release them.

Our ability to let go, then come back to now, releases us from suffering.

My “Ego” can be upset, pissed, or agitated, but that is not my concern.

“Egos” are never equal to another “Ego”, thus creating a competition for approval, status and power.

Let other “Egos” own their behavior, taking things personally draws us into a losing battle.

We waste our moments, defending an adolescent ”Ego”, always creating drama in our life.

I can be happy when my “Ego” is upset, angry or attacked.

I can also get involved, ruminating, exploring what if’s, suffering, wasting my life on nonsense.

I need less approval, it has changed my life.

The man in the mirror has become a friend, I approve.



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