Charlotte joko Beck:

“So the way of practice that I’ve found to be the most effective is to increase the power of the observer.

Whenever we get upset we have lost it. We can’t get upset if we are observing, because the observer never gets upset.

“Nothing” can’t get upset. So if we can be the observer, we watch any drama with interest and affection, but without being upset.

I’ve never met anyone who had completely become the observer.

But there is a vast difference between someone who can be it most of the time and someone who can be it only rarely.

The aim of practice is to increase that impersonal space.

Although it sounds cold—and as a practice it is cold—it doesn’t produce cold people. Quite the opposite. When we reach a stage where the witness is collapsing, we begin to know what life is.

It’s not some spooky thing, however; it just means that when I look at another person, I look at them; I don’t add on ten thousand thoughts to what I am seeing.

And that is the space of compassion.

We don’t have to try to find it. It’s our natural state when ego is absent.”



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