Rejection, not an easy pill at any Age!

Pixabay: johnhain



Human nature desires approval, our “Ego” craves it.

Our “Ego” will justify unethical or risky behavior to earn approval. Just look how we act in a group, behavior we would never attempt on our own, is acted out.

Peer pressure, being accepted by the group meant life or death in mans early days. The reptilian brain has stored memory of the need for security, approval, acceptance by the group.

When the “Ego” encounters rejection, the reaction will be emotional, almost victim like.

It takes a dedicated mindfulness practice, to focus, then let go of the “Egos” siren song of lack.

Rejection dissolves when we meditate. Entering into this moment, focused, empty of thought, connects to our Aware Presence, real life.

A wise man craves inner peace over external praise.

A wise man knows external things are impermanent.

Approval can change to criticism without our input.

Our happiness depends on us, not on any external thing.

Whatever your burden, happiness is a choice.

No one said it was going to be easy. Life is hard, a reality.

Accept the challenge, another one is coming after this one passes.



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