life includes the whole show, the light and the dark, part one, 1,

The China Resources Headquarters in Shenzhen by Chinese photographer Su Zhewei.



“Nothing to Grasp” by Joan Tollifson

What does seem to have changed is that there has been a falling away of the thought-sense that I am a separate person in charge of “my life” who is going to eventually perfect myself or the world.

There is the realization that life includes the whole show, the light and the dark, that none of it is personal, that all of it is happening effortlessly by itself in the only way possible, and that none of it has any solidity or permanence.

There is also clarity about what the unnecessary exertion is that gives rise to so much of our human suffering and confusion, how we make ourselves miserable.

As this has clarified, there has been a decrease in gullibility when the siren song of delusion appears.

When I find myself thinking that something is lacking or that the fix is “out there” somewhere, there is a greater ability to relax into Here/ Now, the place I have never really left.



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