Great Expectations

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My life was filled with expectations, as a child my father demanded perfection athletically.

As an adult, my inner critic had to work twice as hard to feel almost normal.

Now, I teach others to focus on the process.

Results are decided way above our pay grade.

My journey has become a silent battle of wills, the thinker, packed full of desires and expectations pitted against my true self, the ever present source of power for my being.

One is ever present, the other always lost in the past or projecting crisis in the future.

One has clarity, simplicity and freedom, the other confusion, suffering and rigidity.

Practice observing the thinker. Become familiar with his/her patterns and habits.

The thinker is the one who gets angry, upset, emotional, even depressed.

Our true self, hidden below the Ego, is always available to us.

The thinker is filled with bias when it looks in the mirror.

The thinker feels our unworthiness, our vulnerabilities, our flaws intimately.

Is the thinker our Ego?




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