Terror follows sufferers of Trauma, PTSD

Pixabay: teeveesee



Our triggers elicit our greatest fears, enormous terror or immediate annihilation . They are stored at the height of a perceived lethal threat.

For some of us, that was an abusing giant in childhood, or a sexual predator catching us in their web of deceit.

In the future, anytime the body or mind connects an image, sound, smell or thought with this horror, our fight or flight mechanism will fire.

Our life has changed, lethal danger consumes our thoughts, space, life.

Hypervigilance has us searching each moment for danger.

Running, avoiding, denying or resisting empowers PTSD.

Think of PTSD as a fence around the equator, we are in the Southern Hemisphere, healing exists in the northern hemisphere.

We can not go around.

The only path is thru the trauma memories.

Meditation charts the quickest, safest path.

Healing is Counterintuitive!

Instead of avoiding, we accept our trauma without judgment, then we surrender to our fears in the present moment (integration).

It is such a simple action.

It is such a scary action.

It is much easier when we build our focus on the breath, enabling us to let go.

You can be free, if you take action and practice daily.

PTSD is not some all powerful disorder, it has weaknesses.

PTSD is at its most vulnerable at its apex of power, a trigger exploding.

If we can stay present, focused, observing when a trigger explodes, integration will begin.

Healing is a few breathes away.



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