Thoughts are Endless!!!!



In my Mindfulness group, we deal with thoughts.

We discuss the daily volume, 60,000 everyday. We practice different strategies for Coping, Surviving and maybe Thriving.

I try to demonstrate thought needs attention, electricity, fuel to enter our life.

Mindfulness helps us focus on the breath, intently, thus allowing thoughts to fade.

Our “Ego” battles for control of our being, battles for as much of our waking moments as possible.

Life can be consumed by erroneous thought. Easy to get lost, consumed, terrified or confused.

Think of happiness in terms of being present, in this moment, absent of thought.

At least we will be living in the only time zone where happiness exists.

The “Ego” gains control when we leave this moment.

The inner critic is always in the past or future, always negative, always worrying, doubting, or criticizing.

It can be peaceful, soothing to be present, empty of thought.

My mindfulness group has changed direction, less abstract discussion and more simple, concrete actions are now emphasized.



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