Forming “I” part three



“Oneness: The Destination you never left”

Again, while you did not choose to do it, growing continued as designed.

The same sorting out that allowed the liking and disliking of spinach was applied to things around you and to yourself.

The thought of who you are continues to evolve over a lifetime.

There appears to be a world that you, as a separate being, move and exist in.

You do what you can to survive and thrive, to get what you like, and avoid what you dislike; all based on subjective experience.

In this world there are others that appear to be doing the same thing.

You agree with others over what is right and wrong, over likes and dislikes, or you disagree with them.

But based on what? Based on thoughts.

It would seem that reality has moved into the mental realm and reality is known by what is thought about it—not by what it is.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Vic on November 5, 2019 at 6:08 pm

    Interesting concept. Are commonly perceived beliefs socially acceptable society-based learnings, or are they inherent in human nature. Nature vs. Nurture

  2. Sociology has influence

    Here is an article that says basic brain patterns are in place in the womb.

    Reinforces the core belief, thought leads us on abstract, complex, journeys

    Always simple when we come back to now, let the noise go and live fully.

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