Forming “I” part two

Emotional Development of 2 year olds – Part 2



“Oneness: The Destination you never left”

Perhaps the idea, at this point, is just that you are this body, but the idea of you as a person is forming in the brain/ mind.

Where before there was just like or dislike, now there is an apparent you that likes or dislikes.

Before, choices arose spontaneously, but now it appears that you are making choices based on those likes and dislikes.

Once, hunger was present—now it appears that you are hungry.

But, is that really what is happening?

Is that reference point of “you” valid?

It certainly seems so, but by what gauge is that reality judged?

Isn’t the validity of the idea of a person validated by the same mind that assumes it to be valid?

Think about it—the mind contains the thought “I Am”—the mind then confirms that the thought is a real thing.

But without the thought, would you still be?



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