Thoughts are air without attention

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“In Touch”

As we learn to see our thoughts as thoughts instead of reality, attention naturally drops down from the forehead into the heart area.

This is usually a slow, gradual process of reorientation, although there can be many initial forays of attention into the heart along the way.

It can take us a while to find our way and create a new path.

Whenever attention shifts from the head to the heart, the heart becomes increasingly familiar and less foreign.

In time, we sense it as our new home.

The heart area is, above all, the center of deep feeling and sensitivity.

When the heart area is illumined, we have a vibrant sense of the wholeness of life.

What thought divides, the heart unites.

Our argument with reality ends when our attention is deeply seated in the heart.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Nicely put. Thank you for posting 💕

  2. Your welcome

  3. Posted by Vic on November 3, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    In my younger years I was always belittled for thinking with my heart. Decisions should be made based on logic, business- oriented purpose, not feelings.

    Now in my older years, I have a renewed conundrum between the heart vs. mind. While in the money making world of employment/ business it made sense to follow the mind’s logic. Being retired, I do receive more joy from following my heart.

  4. With practice we can choose and have perspective

    Inside our mind, around trauma or anxiety or negative thought our ability to let go and drop into the heart is key

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