Small concrete actions

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Meditation has an enormous connotation attached to it.

It seems foreign, mystical, an enormous, unreachable, unattainable journey.

Let all those judgments go.

Sometimes, I introduce meditation as a focus exercise, a simple way to train the mind. That is an accurate statement.

No robes, no religion, no lineage, just you and your mind sitting quietly.

Why do we fear taking responsibility for our life, our wellbeing?

Meditation can be as simple as being able to focus for ten breath cycles.

We only need focus until a no thought stage is developed.

Then, we are below the “Ego”, on our expansive side.

Floating in the expansive, brilliant side of the brain soothes and repairs our mind and body.

Start with three breaths, inhale, pause, exhale, pause.

We can build our focus, one breath at a time.

It takes a little persistence and using a simple model for me.

Practice with three breath sets, then expand to five breaths.

Practice the basics, over and over, it is the quickest way to learn and master this simple task.

By the time you build up to ten breaths, the mission is complete.

Meditation is simple, repetitive, and soothing.

Yes, you take responsibility for your life.



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