Let’s play with emotions today!

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Yes, healing can be a game, fun at times, then frightening as hell when a trigger explodes.

Can we take a step back and realize emotions are overrated.

In fact, I try to never entertain negative emotions or vacate one as quick as possible.

Buddhists do not have a word for emotions, being present, observing now, suffices for them.

A list: Anxiety, anger, hatred, jealousy, doubt, guilt, fear, apathy, despair, depression, shame, etc.

When you feel one of these negative emotions, let it expand freely for a minute or two, then release it.

Suppressing or trying to deny or limit an emotion has the opposite effect. Similar to thinking, trying to not think is impossible.

Let’s explore emotions. Can we hold two emotions at one time?

Anger and joy, or anxiety and calm for instance. Try love and hate.

Notice the next emotion that enters your consciousness, follow it, observe it.

Watch it arrive, stay a while then fade away without attention.

Thoughts feels more important with a strong emotion attached. This causes many problems for us. Anger shuts down our common sense and behavior is irrational.

That negative emotion or thought does not care about the harmful impact on our being.

Next, notice any body sensations connected to each emotion. Know where emotions manifest inside the body.

The next emotion will arrive at any moment.

We can use emotions for our benefit. Enjoy the positive ones and release the negative ones.

Keep them in perspective, they are fleeting, momentary and unsettling at times.

Emotions do not separate us, we all have the same number of emotions.

Emotions are not that important to me. I enjoy the positive ones and try to release the negative ones.

This had resulted in large blocks of time freed up, not wasted ruminating on unworthy emotional thoughts.

Easier to enjoy life when we focus the mind on the present.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Very well written, and I totally agree with you. With mindfulness, you can respond more consciously and communicate more effectively 🙂

  2. Yes we are trying to build a space between stimulus and response

    We can decide whether to grasp anger or sadness or do nothing

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