Thinking: What we know



From “The Method: 5 Inquiry Steps to Enlightenment”

Everything you *think* you know is second-hand knowledge.

Everything you know without thinking is what you *actually* know.

See for yourself right now.

Become quiet for a moment; when your thoughts finally dissolve into silence, notice what knowledge remains when thinking isn’t happening.

What do you still know with absolute certainty?

Eventually, you’ll see that awareness of consciousness is the only knowledge that survives this inquiry.

This is your primary knowledge.

Navigating the world for practical reasons can require a great deal of second-hand knowledge.

To maintain your sense of self and the imagined world that this self inhabits, second-hand knowledge is critical.

While you need second-hand knowledge to navigate the world for practical reasons, you don’t actually need it to maintain yourself.

Maintenance is only needed if something can stop working.

Who you really are can’t stop working because it doesn’t ‘work’ in the first place… it simply IS.



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