Some designer created a wordless, thoughtless side of the brain to balance the literal cognitive side.



The bracketed comments were added by me [my two cents].

Bouncing Back”– Rewriting your Brain for Maximum Resilience: Linda Graham

“Left hemisphere: Verbal processing: Language, Speech, Symbols

Right Hemisphere: nonverbal processing: visual images, body movements, emotions, experiences in relationship

[Observing without thought]

Left hemisphere: linear processing (one bit of data after another in sequence)

[The Ego sees/lives in the minutia]

Right hemisphere: holistic processing (seeing the big picture)

Left hemisphere: logical, rational processing: abstract reasoning and analysis, cause and effect.

[Thinking, Comparing, Judging, Evaluating, Filing]

Right hemisphere: emotional processing, including processing of facial expressions in fusiform gurus,


Left hemisphere: Sense of social and emotional self”

[A made up separate self, we call “Ego”]



My two cents: Our mind craves many things. At the top of the list is balance.

Look how much time we spend on the left side compared to the right hemisphere.

All that thinking, judging, comparing needs a counterbalance, a time of focus, emptiness and calm.

Fasting for the mind, we give up thought everyday for short focused periods is the answer.

Balance your mind, travel to the creative, expansive, wordless side.



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