Meditation/Mindfulness changes in me



That big sense, I am lacking something has dwindled. I need very little now for me to be content or happy.

Worry gets much less attention. Life is a challenge, many things are out of our control, however my time spent in the present moment has increased exponentially.

I do not try to escape feeling awkward, sad, lonely or anxious anymore. Now, feelings are felt in their entirety, then let go to fade away harmlessly.

Emotions and thoughts are discounted as mere appendages, nothing of relevance, just a mild inconvenience. Wow, what a relief this has been in daily life.

My free time has increased since ruminating lasts a relatively short duration with most disruptions.

Being able to let go of thought, judgment and emotion has eliminated so much suffering. No need to repair or integrate days of dissociating, ruminating in my traumatic past.

The promise of being free in this moment has triumphed over living in the past or predicting suffering in the future.

I enjoy times of happiness when my mind is focused, clear and ever present.

While hiking I let my senses control my being, that is I observe what my eyes see, ears hear and nose smells without narration.

I am a sponge, observing, soaking up reality without analyzing or judging.

Miracles are everywhere. Giant trees, wildlife, fresh air and nature fill my being. Thought spoils this pristine experience.

I have learned to let my mind empty, to give him a break.

My body and mind repair themselves when I focus on the breath and let thoughts clear my consciousness.

Our goal in meditation is to reach a no thought space.

We are just daydreaming until we build our focus to this level.

It takes practice and is attainable for all of us. No special talent, intelligence is needed, just daily practice.

My intuition has grown. I sense things in others, non verbal clues, unrest or agitation that went unnoticed before.

We all have intuitive skills waiting to be developed.

Meditation becomes more significant in life’s harsh times.

Most of us can have joy when things are going well.

Our issues comes with perceived failure, loss, a health crisis or someone offending us.

Our ability to focus, then let the noise go, changes life completely.

Could you benefit from a mindfulness practice?



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