Mindfulness: Benefits I have experienced part two, 2

Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/users/Ray_Shrewsberry-7673058/



Benefit three: Ruminating, spending time letting the mind wander aimlessly has drastically declined.

Visualize a giant sports scoreboard, instead of visitor and home team, we have time spent in past or future, and time spent in the present moment.

My score is very lopsided now, my present moment awareness increases as I practice. My thought process has shifted.

If I need to think, it is directed thought. A High School student desires a career, so he/she directs thought into the specifics needed.

After the investigation, he/she returns to now.

We experience this moment, then we move on to the next moment, absent of any backage from the past.

We build a quiet space between external stimuli and reaction. This space gives us a choice, so we can react or ignore the situation.

We practice by refusing to react in situations that illicit an emotional reaction.

Can we resist reacting in awkward, emotional or anxious moments?

With daily practice we can be a neutral observer, focused, relaxed and content.

I have found happiness happens in one time zone, now, this moment.

Happiness can not be found in the past or future. It is not found when thought engulfs us.

Living in the present eliminates many of mankind’s mental issues (suffering).

Eliminate negative thought, refuse to entertain negative emotions.

Never say a negative thing or hold a negative thought about yourself.

The left hemisphere is extremely literal. Say your unworthy and the “Ego” will bring many memories of past events when he/she felt unworthy.

Perception becomes reality.

Let go of the past of thought for a while.



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